Must-Try Interior Design Trends of 2021

The last year has shown us the importance of having a comfortable, cozy home. Interior design trends for this year reflect the need for a multifunctional, universal design that you don’t get sick of even during the lockdown. In this article, we’ll share the hottest interior design trends you can try in 2021.

1.   Connect With Nature

Isolation from nature and the desire to reconnect with it are big themes in this year’s design. If minimalism with its muted, dull colors doesn’t satisfy you anymore, shake things up by putting dried flowers along with more natural colors in your interior. A good idea might be adding organic more organic shapes. Take an asymmetrical armchair resembling a rock formation or an untreated wood coffee table — these pieces are beautiful as well as timeless.

2.   Bold Colors

We’re being obvious, but let’s face it —the pandemic has been BORING. If you just finished painting your living room gray before the pandemic hit, you probably understand that it’s hard to feel energetic in a too neutral space. Don’t hurry to paint your house red — a bold-colored statement piece will help to bring life into your space by creating an interesting juxtaposition. An example can be an untraditionally shaped maroon lamp against beige wallpaper.

3.   Get Rustic

If the space you want to decorate has history, use it to your advantage by adopting some rustic elements in your design. If your place has an old wooden floor, complement it with floral patterns and rich colors. Embrace the imperfections and go for an unfinished look in furniture. Untreated or reclaimed wood would be your top material choices if you choose to go full cottagecore. This design trend represents the comfort and coziness we all strive for in the anxious 2021, so now is the best time to try this trend.

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