Rules of Good Interior Lighting

Organizing light sources in a room is essential in interior design. With the wrong lighting, even the coziest interiors will look dull and uninviting. In this article, we are going to cover the rules of creating good lighting.

1.   Lighting First

A common mistake in interior design is putting lighting at the very end of the list of priorities. “Let’s think about it when there’s something to light”, right? Instead, keep lighting in mind once you know what role a certain zone plays in your home. Reverse the order, and you’ll discover that neither the wallpaper you’ve already put up nor the textile you’ve already bought looks good with the lighting options you have.

2.   Understand Lighting Types

Lighting installation can be confusing, but once you break lights into categories, they become easier to organize. First, there is general lighting, which is usually overhead lighting. Next, there is functional lighting or lights for specific tasks such as reading or night lights. Thirdly, accent lighting is useful for highlighting specific design elements (think floor or wall lamps). You may or may not have all of these, but by organizing your lighting around these rules the remaining design steps will become clear.

3.   Light Up Every Corner

If you decide to solve all your lighting problems with a single overhead lamp — unless you are illuminating a closet, it’s a bad idea. Not only an overly bright lamp will reduce eye strain, but it will also most likely leave your room with dark corners. Many interior designers echo the “4 lights rule”.  Generally, aim for at least 4 lights to light up a room — downlighters not included.

4.   Warm Up The Light

Light temperature is among the most important elements in interior design. Your choice of light temperature will mostly depend on the function the room will perform. Are you planning a study or a bedroom? For work zones, aim for whiter, brighter lights, and for living rooms and bedrooms pick warmer and dimmer light bulbs.

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